Photo Disclaimer / Copyrights / Credits

As my dear fellow duranie @ I decided to write a disclaimer too.

I, like her, collect  DD pictures and the ones I have posted on this website are part of my personal collection. I have found them on message boards, websites and etc on the Internet so right now I don't really remember where I got them and who they belong to. 

As a DD fan, I like to share what I have with my fellow duranies and I have in my mind that if you don't want your picture copied, do not post them. I respect personal pictures (the ones you took with your favorite DD)  and I will not post them here. Now, if you have scanned any of these or you realize that one of the pictures I have posted is yours, please drop me a line and let me know what you would like me to know about it,  take it offline, credit, etc... I will respect your decision. Feel free to copy them for you, if you want to, I plan to post new pics once in a while.


Andy Taylorholic :)



Simon's photo gallery : Picture 1, courtesy of webmaster of Duran Italy, thanks!! :)